Workshop on Python Machine Learning for SAP Demand Forecasting

We offer remote and onsite workshops on using Python data science and machine learning tools for demand forecasting within the SAP environment (SAP ECC, SAP APO or SAP IBP).

Quick start workshop

Demand forecasting using machine learning is a large topic and can take a significant ammount of time to get the first models from SAP data and even more time to deploy results in SAP. With this workshop we introduce the main concepts to build predictive forecasting models. We do it building up step by step on a case study and as final exercise we build a predictive model using data from your SAP system.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Python and Python tools for data science and machine learning
  • How to setup a complete environment for Python machine learning with integration to SAP
  • Building first models using a public sales dataset provided by us
  • Review of your sources of data and identify a scope and data signals for a prototype model
  • Optimized ways to extract data from SAP for model building
  • Building a prototype machine learning model with data from your business
  • How to efficientely deploy Python models in SAP
  • Analyse and evaluate model results

We do this service in webinar sessions of 2 to 3 hours. These sessions are interactive and each person or team is expected to execute small assignments to practice model building and analysis.

At the end of the workshop the goal is to have a protype model and a workflow to extract data, build and analyse models in Python and deploy models in SAP.

Onsite Training workshop

The same workshop is also available as a 2 day intensive training that can be tailored to the specific needs of the class.

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